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Lunar Tales App Title Screen |

Lunar Tales:
Tales of The Missing Moon Jar

Visual concept of a mobile gaming app

This is a visual prototype for a mobile game that focuses on learning culture through through storytelling, visual design, and user experience. This particular version focuses on teaching Korean culture, but the story and graphics can be adapted to teach any culture.

Click here for the full research and process of the project.

Lunar Tales Mobile App Screens | Lunar Tales Mobile App Version 1 | Lunar Tales Mobile App Wires | Lunar Tales Mobile App Sketches |

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Exosite Desktop Final Design | author: Augie Park site:


UX research, design, and development

The UX needed a rehaul, especially the mobile design. The information was restructured for a better experience as well as to see where customer's would drop out of the workflow. The wires provide a structure for both desktop and mobile. But because 80% of traffic comes from mobile, the mobile experience needed to be unique, which is demonstrated in the last picture.

The final product was coded on Wordpress with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and SASS.

Exosite wires | Exosite mobile experience |

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Bay9News design | author: Augie Park


UX research and design, and UI Design

This project was assigned to explore alternatives to website layouts for a news channel.

Bay9News desktop screen | Bay9News desktop wire |

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MAPS design | author: Augie Park


UI Design

MAPS was a client that requested a new website. The interface needed to be clean and open.

MAPS design | author: Augie Park

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MPTA design | author: Augie Park


UI Design

MPTA was a client that requested a new website. The interface needed to be clean and open.

MPTA design | author: Augie Park

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Cha Tea

Branding and identity for a small company

A tea shop needed a logo to represent their company steeped in Asian aesthetics targeting a Western audience.

Cha Tea Store | Cha Tea Bag and Book | Cha Tea Bag | Cha Tea Business Card | Cha Tea Process |

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Child Study Center

Branding and identity for a research facility

The center focuses on the development and growth of young children to early adolescents. Inspiration came from commonly associated words: education and discovery.

Child Study Center Logo | Child Study Center Web | Child Study Center Stationery | Child Study Center Wall | Child Study Center Sketch |

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Either Or

Identity and environmental design

This project was made in collaboration with architecture students. The graphic design students branded the pavilion that the architecture students designed. This branding concept was based on Soren Kirkegaard's philosophy. The logo represents the Self, the Other, and the space both occupy.

Either Or Business Card | Either Or Outside sign | Either Or Wayfinding graffiti wall | Either Or Wayfinding Stairs | Either Or Process |

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Branding and identity for a non-profit organization

A non-profit organization in Philadelphia needed a re-brand. This project's concept was inspired by street art.

Artsphere Web | Artsphere t-shirt | Artsphere process |

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The Human Health Book

Layout and illustrations for MEDdesign

β€œThe Human Health book, a project conceived and implemented by Professor Bruce Ian Meader, is an exemplar of design excellence targeted at information design and the demanding challenge of designing forms that make the invisible visible and understandable. This book is a major element in the RIT accomplishments related to the MEDdesign Project.”

R. Roger Remington
Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design

MEDdesign Brain Section | MEDdesign Brain | MEDdesign brain section sketches |

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Homes Worldwide


This infographic shows the growth and decline of adoptions between five countries from 2002 to 2011.

Adoption Infographic |

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Reflected Within


Ever wonder how a camera works? This infographic tells you the process of an image seen through the lens of a camera.

Camera Infographic |

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Need a designer who loves to do front-end dev as well as UX/UI? Look no further. I love everything digital β€” ux/ui, web, games β€” and I'm a fairly obssessed with logos and branding, too.

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